Behind the Wheel

Equip Driver Education Behind the Wheel


Teenage students under contract with EQUIP Driver Education schedule here.

  • Contract Valid for 12 months from student receiving an instruction permit. 
  • A minimum of 10 hours practice between drives is required.
  • Start Early – Prioritize and divide drives within the 12 month period. Completion by a 16th birthday is up to students prioritizing scheduling, not us making room for last minute scheduling or working around jobs/sports.
  • Avoid last minute scheduling as weather, vehicle, and other issues may occur. Please take your teen driving often to build confidence and skills.
  • Reminder texts will be sent, but students are still responsible for their drives.
  • Arriving without your permit or glasses/contacts, drive cancelled $25 fee applies.
  • Sick, cancel by 8 am. Arriving with symptoms, drive cancelled, $25 fee applies.
  • Students unable to drive safely due to fear or meds – drive cancelled, $25 fee.
  • Running 10+ minutes late? Text 612-408-8095. No Show $25 fee applies.
  • Drives will be cancelled if snow/ice is on main streets and in severe weather.
  • Drives are posted online for Elk River and PACT Charter School.
  • Drives are available at other locations by calling 612-408-8095.

Medical conditions of any kind must be disclosed and are confidential. Behind the Wheel is not guaranteed to all students.

Dash cameras in company vehicles for insurance and training purposes.

Locations & Times


Elk River