Behind the Wheel

Equip Driver Education Behind the Wheel

READ BEFORE SCHEDULING – BTW drive scheduling. One drive per month.

  • 1. Students will need “three drives” to complete driver education. Schedule all three drives now. Limited winter drive schedule.
  • 2. Students are required to practice 10 hours before each drive.
  • 3. Students must be 16 or older and on their instruction permit for a minimum of six months to be eligible for the road test.
  • 4. Don’t schedule a road test before finishing BTW.
  • 5. Cancellations – a 48 hr notice is required to avoid $50 fee. If sick call by 8 am to avoid fee. Arriving with “any” symptoms will result in a cancellation and fee.
  • 6. No drives when main streets/HWYs are snow covered or in severe weather.
  • 7. In the event a drive is cancelled student must reschedule online.
  • 8. EQUIP Driver Education is closed January, no drives.

Students transferring for BTW can email the office to register, cost $360

All medical conditions must be reported and are confidential. If a medical condition isn’t reported or is under reported the contract will be cancelled and a $25 administrative fee charged effective 10/01/2022.

When scheduling drives be sure to pick PAY or PAID. Contact me if unsure. A $25 administrative fee will be charged for processing over-payments and for permanently cancelling behind the wheel.

PRIVATE: Parent/teen 30 minute safety training session in our vehicle May thru September. Cost $30. NEED ADDITIONAL HELP? Instructors can be hired May thru September to assist with “additional” hours of driver training. Cost $60 hour. Call to schedule 612-408-8095.

BTW is not guaranteed to all students.

Locations & Times

New Hope

Fourth Baptist Christian School



Elk River