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EQUIP Driver Education Driver Education Contract

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    This contract covers both the 30 hours of classroom instruction and the six hours of behind the wheel training.

    Pay in full or use the payment plan. Classroom payment due day one, no refund after day one of class. Behind the wheel balance ($120) due when scheduling the first drive, no refund after the first drive. Contract valid until student’s 18th Birthday. Renewal fee $50.

    Class Conduct: Missed classes can be made up at the next class session. Students must complete 30 hours of classroom training to receive the Blue Completion Card (required to take the permit test). Students exhibiting inappropriate behavior in class will be released to their parent/guardian.

    Behind the Wheel Drives: Students can start driving with their supervising driver using the paper permit. Students can schedule drives at any time online once they obtain their instruction permit. Permits are valid for two years. Only the student driver and instructor will be in the vehicle.

    1. Behind the wheel drives are available mid-March thru mid-November. Please schedule online at least one month apart or divide by the time you would like to finish. Students need time to practice between drives. Do not schedule Road Tests until behind the wheel is completed.
    2. Students must be on their permit for a minimum of six months, be 16 or older, complete 50 hours of drive time with supervising drive and six hours with a driving school to take the Road Test.
    3. Drives start and end at the locations listed online. Instructors cannot wait if your late for pick-up, so please make arrangements.
    4. A courtesy reminder text will be sent prior to all drives subject to legible/working numbers. Student is still responsible for their drive.
    5. Students must be prepared for their drive with Instruction Permit and corrective lenses (if required).
    6. Drives are scheduled consecutively, so if you arrive late it will be deducted from your scheduled drive time. Therefore, if you will be late text 612-408-8095 with your full name and the time you expect to arrive.
    7. If no notification is received, if you do not show up for your scheduled drive or arrive without a permit or corrective lenses if required will be considered a late cancel. Student will be charged a $50 no show fee and must reschedule.
    8. A 48-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a $50 late cancel fee. *If sick please cancel asap, do not come to the drive sick (no fee).
    9. Students will receive a White Completion Card after finishing BTW 3, it must be presented at the Exam Center to take the Road Test.
    10. The Supervising Driver Log must be filled out correctly, times totaled and turned in at the Exam Center to take the Road Test.

    Medical conditions must be disclosed prior to the start of classroom instruction. All information is confidential. Medical conditions that need specialized training will be referred to the Courage Center for the behind the wheel portion of driver education at the student’s expense.

    This is a legal binding contract. By e-signing you agree to abide by the policies set forth with EQUIP Driver Education.

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